Watch Guide Week 13, 2018

The Big XII title race continues to enthrall while other leagues have us hitting the snooze button. Oklahoma State upset #9 West Virginia, which means that the path to the title game for Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Texas is as follows: Winner of Oklahoma at West Virginia is going to the Big XII title game. Texas needs to beat Kansas […]

Watch Guide Week 12, 2018

Current top six teams in the playoffs are: 1. Alabama, 2. Clemson, 3. Notre Dame, 4. Michigan, 5. Georgia, 6. Oklahoma. The dreaded scenario for most is Clemson, Notre Dame remain undefeated, Michigan/Ohio State wins the BigTen, Oklahoma wins the Big XII, but then Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC title game… Which four are getting in? Just thinking about […]

Watch Guide Week 11, 2018

Alabama proved with authority that they are the kings of the SEC, if not the nation, with their emphatic win at Death Valley over LSU on Saturday. The Tide played suffocating defense and just enough offense to slowly constrict and overwhelm their opponents. With Alabama’s win and Georgia’s win over Kentucky, we are now set for a Georgia-Alabama SEC title […]