About Me

I’m Dave. I’m a University of Tennessee alum practicing my degree in journalism right here by writing about a subject that I’m über passionate about: college football.

Born in Canada, you’d think I’d be a massive hockey fan. While I certainly like hockey, college football is my true love. Growing up in North Texas, football was everywhere; it was everything, to everyone, but it wasn’t the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys that caught my interest in the greatest game ever, or the almost overwhelming talk of Texas, Texas A&M or Oklahoma. It was Notre Dame.

The first college football game that I remember sitting and watching was in 2000: #1 Nebraska at #23 Notre Dame. Nebraska ran the option with Eric Crouch and beat the Irish in OT in a game that was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Fight songs, a packed stadium, the red colors of Nebraska and those golden helmets on Notre Dame caught my eye on that beautiful green grass in South Bend. The passion was palpable; it was intoxicating to a youngster like me at the time.

Add in my insatiable appetite for history and it would appear that I was made to be a fan of college football (a sport that is also obsessed with history). Every year for my birthday, my parents gifted me that year’s ESPN Sports Almanac. I used to read every page of the college football section, which detailed previous year’s bowl games, conference winners, and the final top 25’s and would go into detail on every team’s season for that year. These almanacs merely poured gasoline on the fire of my college football obsession.

I hope that by reading my blog I can share interesting stats and my inspired opinions so that others can “get the bug” and fall in love with this truly great game like I did.