Playoffs instead of the BCS: 1999

After completing our 1998 experiment, which ended in a Big Orange playoff victory over Ohio State, we find ourselves in 1999. Entering the bowl season we have two undefeated teams – Florida State and Virginia Tech. However, we have only one 1-loss conference champion with several other 2-loss teams to compare and contrast. Certainly some interesting debates to come! The […]

Playoffs instead of the BCS: 1998

Around this time we (college football fans) are hit with a deluge of endless talk about the College Football Playoff – who’s deserving, who’s better, who beat who. But one opinion that gets near unanimous approval is that “we’re better with the playoff than with the BCS.” This got me thinking, “who would have been in the playoffs each BCS […]

Notre Dame’s Uniforms Examined

After seeing Notre Dame unveil the Yankee-themed football uniform that they’ll wear for the ‘Shamrock Series’ game at Yankee Stadium November 17th against Syracuse, I got to thinking: “When has Notre Dame gotten it right and when have they gotten it wrong with their uniform?” So, I decided to rank some of the best and worst alternative uniforms Notre Dame has sported […]

Conference Preview Part IV, 2018

The more and more football camp videos I see, the more excited I become. We’re one week away from the release of the first “Watch Guide” for the 2018 season. Get excited, people!   Pac-12   Last year’s champion: USC Washington coming back to the pack and losing to Stanford really helped propel USC to this championship. Can’t take it […]