Dave’s 4th Ranking 2017

We’re one week away from the College Football Playoff Committee releasing their first ranking of the year, which will clarify all sorts of questionable AP and Coaches rankings. However, I think my rankings will compare nicely to the Committee’s (if I do say so myself!). Big wins this past weekend for Penn State and Notre Dame, who both put on […]

Dave’s 3rd Rankings 2017

Hmm.. Well, I guess I should go eat some crow after last weekend’s games.  4 AP-top-10 teams lost, 3 from my rankings lost including our then-newly-crowned #1 team in the nation, Clemson!? Maybe it was the College Football Gods coming down on me for daring to place anyone ahead of the Crimson Tide of Alabama, or maybe the Tigers just […]

Dave’s 2nd Rankings 2017

Oklahoma was cruising this season but took quite a shot from Iowa State and lost at home this past weekend. How far will they fall, and how much discussion did they just create? “Oklahoma beat Ohio State in Columbus!” “But the Sooners lost to Iowa State!”  You can hear the arguments already being formulated.. it’s going to be fun! With […]

Dave’s 1st Rankings 2017

Five weeks in, we’ve seen some teams rise and many fall – but, with the all of the games that we’ve had thus far, we at DaveOnCollegeFootball.com believe we have enough evidence to make the case for the first rankings of the year. (We’ll only be ranking the top 10 as opposed to the top 25). You can see the […]