Dave’s 1st Rankings 2017

Five weeks in, we’ve seen some teams rise and many fall – but, with the all of the games that we’ve had thus far, we at DaveOnCollegeFootball.com believe we have enough evidence to make the case for the first rankings of the year.

Washington State on the Rise!
LSU was dumped by Troy on homecoming.

(We’ll only be ranking the top 10 as opposed to the top 25). You can see the AP and Coaches top 25 here. (1) indicates 1st place vote.

  1. Alabama 5-0 (1) – They are destroying everyone in their path, averaging 62.5 points-per-game in SEC play.
  2. Clemson 5-0 – Battle tested at home (beating Auburn) and on the road (beating Virginia Tech).
  3. Oklahoma 4-0 – Best win in CFB so far this season beating Ohio State in Columbus the way they did.
  4. Penn State 5-0 – Super impressive so far but only one road game this season and it was a close one vs Iowa.
  5. Georgia 5-0 – Have improved week-by-week, and their narrow escape in South Bend is looking better week-by-week as well.
  6. TCU 4-0 – Have the second best road win of the season so far in their game at Oklahoma State. Their next biggest win was also on the road at tricky Arkansas.
  7. Washington State 5-0 – One of the nicer wins on the season beating USC last week, but weak overall schedule.
  8. Michigan 4-0 – Have looked in control so far this season, but the offense has been sluggish.
  9. Ohio State 4-1 – Yes, they were able to throw on Army, UNLV, and Rutgers, but they still lost by multiple scores at home to Oklahoma and struggled vs Indiana.
  10. Wisconsin 4-0 – Have a pretty unimpressive schedule but are still undefeated.

We’ll be back next week with the latest rankings here at DaveOnCollegeFootball.com. See y’all then!

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