Dave’s 2nd Rankings 2017

Oklahoma was cruising this season but took quite a shot from Iowa State and lost at home this past weekend. How far will they fall, and how much discussion did they just create? “Oklahoma beat Ohio State in Columbus!” “But the Sooners lost to Iowa State!”  You can hear the arguments already being formulated.. it’s going to be fun! With Michigan losing and Miami winning, are we going to see some new members in the exclusive Dave On College Football Top-10 Rankings?

Iowa State planted the flag in Norman this week shaking up the CFB season.

Ranking # (Last Weeks #): (1) = first place vote from yours truly

1.       (2) Clemson 6-0 (1) – Schedule, schedule, schedule. Wins over AP top-10 Auburn and at top-15 Virginia Tech, are both super quality wins that give them a slight edge over the obviously impressive Crimson Tide in my book.

2.       (1) Alabama 6-0  – Nice win in a hostile environment in College Station, but they didn’t really put away the Aggies as easily as I had expected. Their win in the opening week vs Florida State is looking less and less impressive as the weeks go on.

3.        (4) Penn State 6-0 – Moving up, as they have held serve and no one else has been impressive enough to overtake them. The Nittany Lions have a Bye this week before back-to-back-to-back games against Michigan, at Ohio State and at Michigan State.

4.       (5) Georgia 6-0 – They have been dismantling opponents all year.. will the Dawgs have a slip-up that no one expects this week vs Missouri? (Not a chance).

5.       (6) TCU 5-0 – Held off WVU late to take the victory and QB Kenny Hill scored a rushing TD, passing TD, and receiving TD all in the same game. TCU is now 18-0 as a Top-10 team at home since 2001.

6.       (7) Washington State 6-0 – Had a business-like performance in taking care of Oregon in Eugene on Saturday. Pair that with their win over USC, along with the remaining schedule that features Stanford, at Utah, and Washington… the Cougars have a legit shot to make the playoff, folks!

7.       (3) Oklahoma 4-1 – Big drop for the Sooners after their loss to Iowa State at home. However, they still are the best one-loss team in the national as far as I am concerned and winning over Ohio State gives them the edge head-to-head. Lots of season left for the Sooners to recover.

8.       (9) Ohio State 5-1 – They are good – the Buckeyes can overwhelm hopeless BigTen teams like Maryland, Rutgers, and a service academy (Army), but still – that double digit loss at home hurts. No way I’m putting them in front of the team that put that loss on them (for now).

9.       (10) Wisconsin 5-0 – Undefeated, which is great! Their biggest non-conference win is at BYU by 34-points (the Cougars are 1-5). Super weak schedule – only Michigan (Nov. 18) should really push Wisconsin. We won’t know much if anything about this group until then.

10.   (NR) Auburn 5-1 – The Tigers make their Dave On College Football Top-10 Rankings debut! Their loss vs Clemson in week 2 is looking like the best loss of the season thus far. Since then, the Tigers have gotten their offense in gear and are looking like the only legitimate SEC Western threat for Alabama to deal with.

Checking IDs: Washington, Miami, USC

Kicked out (for now): Michigan

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